Slimline Venetian Blinds

Slimline Venetian blinds are made from durable aluminium, the sleek 25mm slats come in a range of high fashion colours. They are an affordable & stylish way to dress your windows. No matter what style or colour your interior is there will be a colour to suit. The 0.21mm thickness of the slat is 20% more than industry standards this gives the blind strength and durability for your peace of mind. Venetian blinds are easy to operate using a cord to lift up or to lower down and a wand to open and close the slats, this way you can control the amount of light & privacy you want on each window. They can also be used in some wet areas such as Kitchens, WC's and Laundries without them being affected by the conditions of the room.

Slimline Venetian Blinds come with a 3 Year Warranty