Timberlook Venetian Blinds

TUSCANY — 100% PVC Foamwood - Australian Made — 3 Year Warranty

The Tuscany range of Timberlook Venetian Blinds have the look of genuine timber just without the timber price. They don’t have the maintenance that genuine timber has so no need to re oil or re lacquer making them perfect for all parts of your home. Not being timber does not detract from them still adding warmth to any room and with 8 colours in the 50mm slat and 3 colours in the wider 63mm slat there will be a colour to suit any interior. Finish the look off with the matching fascia to cover the top of each blind. Tuscany has leading technology that raise the temperature rating of the product from the conventional levels of 40 — 45C up to a level of 55C.The specific technologies used include polymer co-extrusion and special high temperature chemical formulation. Co-extrusion incorporates a lighter colour core that is less heat absorbing, combined with an outer PVC skin that carries the slat colouring.


NEW YORK — Polystrene Australian Made — 3 Year Warranty

New York Timberlook Venetian Blinds now have an earthy, modern look with either a plain or grain look. This product also has the wide valance providing complete coverage of the head rail at the top. The New York product is a polystyrene based slat system which has been designed for Australia’s conditions and is rated at 60c, this is a high quality product but will have some limitations in temperatures in excess of this which may cause permanent damage to the product.While New York is a high-quality product, like any plastic slat product, it can have some limitations in extreme conditions. It is not recommended that vary dark colours be installed into west facing windows that receive full sun in extreme temperature locations.